Welcome to (Just Another) Manic Mummy


This certainly isn’t the first blog I’ve ever had.  In fact I’ve probably forgotten a lot of the blogs I’ve started.  There have been ones that I’ve set up and never even posted to, some that were moderately successful (if you count success as free gear or making people laugh) and some that acted as dumping grounds for all the stuff I had nowhere else to put.  Most of them have been consigned to the great white space of the internet where they live alongside Angelfire and all those attempts Google made at social networking.

They (whoever ‘they’ might be) say you should write what you know.  So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to write here about being a mummy to two far too independent, squabbling children (Lillian, 5 and Ted, 4) and an excitable, harassed kitten (Professor Spangles, 5 months) while trying to hold down a freelance career, support a seriously stressed husband setting up his own business (Mike, 34) and deal with a relatively recent diagnosis of rapid cycling bipolar disorder and social anxiety.

Watch this space…

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