What I Wore Wednesday: Favourite Tee

I don’t normally get involved in these blogging traditions, I mean I struggle to manage a follow friday over on Twitter (@hoola but don’t expect a #ff).  But since shifting four stone – did I mention that?  Four stone. You may not have heard because I’ve not really said a lot about it – I’ve found it necessary to be a smidge more creative with the ol’ wardrobe.  So I thought doing a What I Wore Wednesday might encourage me to change it up a little, experiment and maybe even get out of my joggers occasionally.  No promises.

I don’t know who started WIWW, although I think it may be something to do with Transatlantic Blonde, so feel free to point me in the direction of anything I might need to know.  I’d hate to make some horrific blog faux pas. 

Anyway.  Look, here’s me posing in my mirror.  I’ve got some clothes on (whole world breathes sigh of relief).

Cardigan: F&F at Tesco
Skirt: Moto at Topshop
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Sockshop
Bracelet: some shop in France (it was a gift)

Though it’s wonderful to lose weight it’s been kind of difficult in the wardrobe department, especially since the whole not being a heifer thing has coincided with the whole being skint thing.  I’ve even had to give up on the dress I promised myself if I made it.  This one. 

So that stuff I’m wearing there is too big, like FAR too big.  But I love the UO t-shirt, for it proclaims my very real love of top lip fuzz.  And it looks kind of ok baggy because it’s all lovely and worn and thin.  Also the denim skirt, which I hacked to bits a while ago has been with me for about twelve years.  It was among my first impulse internet purchases.  Heady days.  And the socks, well, knee socks are becoming a bit of a La-trademark.  Because somehow long socks help keep tights from falling down which is useful when you only own tights three sizes too big.  Fact.  You’re welcome. 

Oh and YES, I did buy a cardi from Tesco.  It’s cashmere (the luxury!) and I’m a compulsive shopper.  I go in for Warburtons and milk and I buy a top and a bike seat and a butter dish.  It’s a disease.

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