Dear Jeremy…

Let me be absolutely clear about this: I think that our current government sucks balls.

I’ve yet to meet anybody who’s been fooled by Cameron’s reshuffling (deckchairs on the Titanic, pack of jokers etc, etc…) or ignored the fact he’s edged an expenses cheat in to the Minister of Education chair and pushed the departments of culture and women & equality together (because culture is one of those girly things that boys don’t get), headed up by a token woman who votes against gay marriage and spits the same bile as Nadine Dorries when it comes to abortion.
Even more concerning is that one of Cam’s most controversial MPs, Jeremy Hunt, has been made the Minister for Health.  I wonder if he thought we’d all be so dazzled by the Olympics we’d forget that while Culture Secretary he was all over that whole ‘selling the world to Murdoch shit’, that he threw his lessers to the wolves and ‘inadvertently misled Parliament’ (I think that’s shorthand for telling porkie pies).
Now I might be overreacting here but do we really want another commercially driven MP this close to the NHS?  I didn’t think it could get much worse than Lansley but Hunt seems the type that would sell his own Grandmother for a bag of chips.
Thus far Hunt’s made no noise about privatisation or overhauls but supporters of the NHS aren’t too confident about the future of health under Hunt.
It might not be perfect, it may be mismanaged, over-complicated and hugely annoying but if you value the NHS – and if you’ve ever been treated by a GP, taken expensive medication but paid only £7.30 for it, been visited by a midwife, tended to by a paramedic or even if you had free dental treatment as a child you bloody well should, please sign this open letter to Mr Hunt, reminding him that some of us don’t want to be treated in the Murdoch Wing.

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