Help! Bipolar Charity Crisis

Mental health services have never been so desperately needed. More people than ever are contacting Bipolar UK, many suffering episodes triggered by worries about job security, financial difficulties and the increasing number of hoops the government requires those unable to work due to mental health to jump through in order to receive a dwindling disability allowance.

The irony is that the economic downturn which is causing a rise in mental health issues has also put Bipolar UK at risk.

Providing support not only for those with bipolar disorder but for family and friends too, Bipolar UK offers self-help groups for sufferers and carers, a telephone helpline often used by those in serious distress, online communities, mentoring services and a youth support service. These services are vital for bipolar sufferers who are often isolated and afraid to seek help. It’s estimated that between 25% and 50% of those with bipolar will attempt suicide at least once.

Bipolar UK desperately needs funds to keep its valuable resources in place and is currently attempting to raise £100,000. If you can help by donating even a small amount please, please do.

Even if you can’t donate you could help me with awesome fundraising ideas…

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